What are Healthy Eating Habits of Vedic System?

In Vedic culture, people were more aware of what to eat, how to eat and when to eat. Many of the learned sages prescribed various ways to live a healthy and disease-free life simply by approaching good eating habits.

These all principles were written in the various text including the famous Ayurveda system.

People were more healthy and lived long simply by adopting this eating habit.  The people were purer, religious and trustworthy. It is rightly said that what we eat determines our behaviors and life. Even today many people have adopted these principles and leading a healthy and disease-free life. In this article, I will explain what is these Vedic ways of eating healthy so that we can learn all these and benefit ourself.

Eat More Satvik Foods

All foods are classified into 3 categories. These are called Satvik, Rajsik and Tamsik Foods. It is believed that people choose their diet as per their nature and exhibit their behavior what they eat. Moreover, foods do not only affect behavior and nature but also affect health. So, out of three, Satvik Foods is said to be the best foods. It affects our body in a positive way.

List of Satvik Foods include all grains, wheat, rice, pulses, lentils, all fresh vegetables, all seasonal fruits, leafy vegetables, milk products, honey, and dry fruits, etc.

Buttermilk is advised to drink more because it is very good for our digestion and health.

Eat your Foods according to Agni(Fire) strength

Whatever we eat, is digested by our digestive system which is also called Agni in Ayurveda. The digestive system is very critical for our health. If the digestive process is slow, the foods will not be digested properly. The strength of the Agni is very high between morning and noon. Its strength is slightly moderate between noon and evening time. And gradually it slows after. It is low between the evening till late evening.

Therefore all the heavier foods should be taken between morning till noon when Agni is at its peak. The slighter heavier meals should be taken between noon till evening. The lighter meal should be taken in the evening. The last meal should be taken at 7 PM and if not possible it should be taken latest by 8 PM. Avoid eating after 8 PM because it will lead to indigestion and will create toxic in the body. Eat very light foods if you want to eat after 8 PM.

Also, do not eat your food unless you feel Hungry, because this will also lead to indigestion. If foods are not digested properly, it will lead to an accumulation of toxic which is very harmful in the long run. So eat the next food only when previous food is digested.

Eat Fresh Foods Only

In the Vedic System, eating fresh food is highly recommended because fresh foods are digested properly and give us strength. If cooked foods are not taken immediately, in that case, it is advised to take within 3-4 hours after cooking. The foods which are not fresh or processed foods are unhealthy and it should not be eaten, according to Vedic ways. The foods which are not freshly cooked and stale are not advised to eat. Eating foods of previous days are not advised.

Foods should be cooked with affection and in a happy mood. If the foods are prepared with the agitated mood it will not give good result. Also, the foods should be juicy and not mostly dried.

Eat the foods when you are peaceful and not agitated

We already know that it matters to our body when we are going to eat our foods. But it also matters how we eat our food.

It is advised to sit on the floor while eating your foods. You should wash your hand and feet before eating foods. You should not be in the agitated mood or angry or even scared while eating your foods.

First foods should be offered to God with utmost reverence. Now after offering the foods to God, one can eat the foods with this sense that God has blessed the food.

Do not eat the food in haste. Chew the foods properly while eating, otherwise, it will lead to the accumulation of toxic. Do not talk with others while eating foods. One should neither eat too much or too less food.

How to Drink Water?

It is not advised to drink the water during a meal. Only a few small sips are advised to drink to swallow the foods.

You can drink the water after half an hour to one hour of eating the foods. If you want to drink water before foods, you can take half an hour before eating the food.

It is also advised to drink enough water during the day to hydrate our body, to help in digestion and to flush out the toxins from your body.

Thus, if we adopt the above food principles of Vedic System, we can become healthy, disease-free and can live longer. Today, people are maintaining wrong food habits and lifestyle and because of this habit, they are vulnerable to get more diseases because they are not healthy.













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