This one secret will highly motivate you to achieve goals

There are two kinds of motivation. The first is external motivation and the second is inner motivation.
External motivation means to be inspired by the rewards that others offer. If your boss says work hard and you will get a promotion that is an external motivation. Now, in that case, the key to your inspiration lies in the hands of others.
Tomorrow if he does not give you the promotion you get demotivated.  However, if we are internally motivated we can always tap into that source irrespective of the external environment.
Develop the Inner Inspiration
Inspiration or the lack of it don’t have to come from the outside, they can all happen from the inside. Remember this formula all your life.  If you develop an intense desire you will then make a firm result, when you have a firm result you will put in the immense effort, and that is how you will become.
But if your desire is weak, the resolve will be mild, the effort will be marginal and that is how you will become.  So if we wish to lead an inspired life we must learn to develop the quality of inner motivation.  And how do you get motivated from within?  Give yourself a strong reason, a strong why?
When you have a strong reason for doing something, you automatically become motivated. 
If you wish to be inspired to follow that healthy diet, if you wish to be inspired to stick to your daily regimen of exercise and yoga every day. Convince yourself of the benefits you will get from that regimen. Convince yourself of the harm you will cause yourself by not sticking to the regimen.  That is “why power.” This “why power” is extremely powerful.
We people think the mind is not under my control. But that’s not really true.
If the intellect decides something is important, it has the ability to hold the mind in its control. Consider for example.  You have a weakness for some delicacy, some butterscotch or chocolate chip ice cream and you have been fasting for two days.  After two days, your friend brings for you the ice cream.  Now, the mind yearns for it. I want that. The mind asks the intellect “there is great pleasure in front of me, can we indulge?” The intellect sanctions “go ahead.”  And the intellect has instructed the mind, mind has instructed the hand, and the hand has put the spoon there and is bringing the spoon to the mouth.
At that moment if your second friend comes and says, “what are you doing, you wish to die?” “Die.” What do you mean?  I mean, there is poison in it potassium cyanide.  Intellect says, “potassium cyanide, this is dangerous, throw it.” The intellect instructs the mind, the mind has instructed the hand, and the hand has chucked that ice cream.
Here this person has suddenly got the ability to resist. Where did it come from?
It was the power of the intellect over the mind. Do you want to test his detachment? Offer him a million dollar. “Sir eat it. I will give you a million dollar.”  “He says, what will a dead man do with the million dollar.”  I don’t want it.  Oh, but have you seen anybody put poison in it.? No. Have you ever seen poison in your life? No. Then?  My friend has told me there is poison there. Is your friend absolutely reliable and honest and trustworthy?  No, no I have caught him telling lies a few times.
A friend, who is not completely trustworthy, his one statement enabled you to desist from indulging in that object of pleasure which was the ice-cream merely by the conviction of the intellect.
So if we can tap into the “why power,” that will then enable us to enthuse ourselves and bring out the best in us in the desired task and enable us to bring out the best we have, to perform the task at hand.

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