Google Ranking – How to Get Your Website on the First Page of Google?

Google Ranking – How to Get Your Website on the First Page of Google?

Google Ranking – How to Get Your Website on the First Page of Google?

How to Get Your Website On the First Page of Google? This is an evergreen topic for the last several years. There are various proven ways to increase Google Ranking of a website.

In this article, I will share with you How to improve Google Ranking of your Website (17 Simple Tricks), which are proven and time tested tricks and even beginners can also learn and implement to increase huge traffic to their Website or Blog.

#1. Write content on Trending and Viral Topics

Write content on trending and viral topics. People always search for topics that are trending and viral. Trending topics are catchy and rank easily.

People are not interested to look for older topics. People generally look for “best SEO tips for 2019” rather than simply “SEO Tips”. So always focus on trending and viral topics.

You can get the trending search idea from google search by typing like “best SEO tip…And you will get many trending ideas which people are searching for.

Write on Trending and Viral Topics

#2. Write on Evergreen Contents

When you are going to write, choose the topics which are evergreen and not outdated. There are some topics which are always evergreen and people tend to search for longer terms.

It will ensure to increase long term traffic for the same blog post. If your content is powerful and better optimized and updated, google will show the content in search of forever. The Google ranking of your site will also improve gradually.

Thus you will get organic traffic as long as the content is in demand.

#3. Write High-Quality Content

High-quality articles with illustrations, images, and screenshots and which are error-free tend to get more attraction from google.

Google’s Algorithm is very strong and senses whether the article is good enough to appear in the main search pages. Also, it checks whether the post is duplicate or original.

The post should be plagiarism free and unique. There should not be any grammatical errors in the contents. You can use free Grammarly tools to correct grammatical or spelling errors.

Make sure to add your ideas and restructure it if you have taken some content from other sources.

#4. The headline should be Catchy

Write the catchy headline always because people show interest in those articles which have attractive headlines.

Studies have shown that people are more attracted to the articles or post which have a catchy headline like” #1 money-saving hack to save $10000 in a year”.

This simple trick helps to attract a lot of traffic from search engines and social media. But also ensure to add the target keyword in the headline.

#5. Better Optimized Post for Search Engine

The article which is simple and easy to understand with lots of images, references rank well in the search engine.

There are many things to consider to optimize the post to give better search results like the size of the post, keywords selection, good and relevant images, size of images, quality of images, meta description, quality of content, originality, and uniqueness of content. This is will give a boost to Google ranking of your Website or Blog.

#6. Always write catchy Meta Description

Meta description consists of some words to give an idea about the article or post in the search display. The meta description is very important nowadays because if it is well written it attracts a lot of traffic to the blog.

The meta description should be written in a way that readers are not disappointed by going through the article.

It should match with the article and there should not be any false description that is out of content to attract the readers.

So write the description in such a way that it gives full insights to the readers and doesn’t give a bad impression about the blog.

Write catchy Meta Description
Always write best Meta Description

#7. Add relevant Keyword to the post

Keywords are a very important part of search rankings. Add relevant keywords in your whole article. It is always better to add 4-5 relevant keywords instead of a single keyword.

There should be one primary keyword and others should be related to this keyword. Also, ensure that the keywords are spread throughout the article.

Let’s say for example our primary keyword is “ways to earn money”, we can use other keywords like “tricks to earn money”, “hacks to earn money”, “simple tricks to earn money”, “how to earn money” etc. Doing this will ensure a good Google ranking for your site.

#8. Build High-Quality Backlinks

High-Quality backlinks are very helpful to make the article search-friendly. Creating Backlinks is one of the very important google search factors for ranking.

Backlinks are your post links placed on other websites that can drive back to your website or content. So if someone visits other website or contents which have your article or website link, they have the option to visit your site also.

Putting many high-quality backlinks are very important to draw search engine attention. But remember to use the quality backlinks because google can penalize also if it is of low-quality backlinks.

#9. Use Long-Tail Keywords

If you want to increase the traffic of your blog it is advisable to use long-tail keywords to attract more traffic.

People use different keywords while searching for the same thing. Various people type different keywords to search for a common thing.

To attract many visitors to your blog you can use all these tail keywords. People will search like……

How to earn money online?
Ways to earn money online
Tips to earn money online
Advise to earn money online
Best ways to earn money online
Tricks to earn money online
Hacks to earn money online

In the above search example, we can see that people are using different keywords for the same search goal. There can be hundreds of keywords typed as above for the same search.

We can find all these Long-tail keywords from free keywords tools like Google Keyword Planner or we can use more advanced SEO Keyword Planner like SEMrush SEO Tool.

So, if you can use all these keywords in your various articles, your blog will get top ranking in google search and you will get tons of visitors.

#10. Increase the speed of Website

Search Engine responds to those articles more whose sites are fast and well responsive to all kinds of devices like Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and Mobiles.

Talk to your website provider to get the responsive kind of website to give better performance on all these gadgets. Try to use minimal Theme of the website to give it more speed.

Also, ensure not to use many heavy images in the article. There are many plugins that can address the problem of heavy size images. Do not use too many widgets on your website if possible.

You can also use the minimum color combination of the website. Don’t use heavy website theme which has too many colors. You can easily customize the theme of the website as per your requirement.

If you have affiliate products, then you can put these products banners in the middle of a relevant post instead of using many widgets to display these banners. This will hamper the speed of your site and at the same time, the reader may not like many affiliate product banners on the homepage of the site.

#11. Content should be easy to read

The articles which are vague and don’t give a clear picture of the titles are not good in terms of optimization and will not give good search ranking.

So it is always better to give a clear picture of the topic in the content. It should be well summarized and give a clear understanding of the topic.

It should be easy to read and understand the topic. Ensuring these will give a good boost in search ranking.

#12. Include target Keyword in URL

Adding a target keyword in the URL give a good boost in search ranking. So it is better to add the target keyword in the URL. The search engine reads the URL contents and if it is used in a smart way to include the target keyword, then it will surely give good attention from search engines.
Let’s say ;
Good URL example –
Bad URL example –

#13. Always respond to Blog Post Comment

Comments from the readers are an important part because it shows how your audience involves with you and how they give their response and feedback.

When someone visits your site and posts a comment after reading an article this action should be commended whether it is negative or positive feedback.

It gives a good insight into our articles and we can improve based on the inputs of the comments. So posting the comments from visitors are a good sign that people are engaged with your content and giving their feedback by sparing their precious time.

So we should give a reply to every comment to show our engagement with the audience.

#14. Participate in Q&A sites

Participating in Questions and Answers sites like Quora, Yahoo Answers and Reddit gives a good amount of traffic to a site or blog.

Therefore, if you want to increase your blog traffic then take an active part in these sites.

You can give your answer in the areas which you believe have the expertise and add your URL in the answers. People will read this answer and will know your expertise and visit your blog in search of more content.

This strategy is really helpful in increasing Blog traffic fast and improves your Google ranking.

Participate in Q&A sites
Participate in Q&A sites

#15. Promote on Social Media Sites

Nowadays, almost everybody uses different social media accounts. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram have a huge user base. Millions of visitors use these sites on a daily or frequent basis.

You can promote heavily on these sites about your article and blog. Seeing the user base of these platforms you can easily imagine the amount of traffic a website can get provided it is used in rational ways.

You can use free as well as paid advertising models on these social media sites to attract more web traffic to your Blog.

#16. Make an internal link to Old Posts

Making Internal Link to your other Blog Posts is a very good idea to increase traffic to your site. If you add links of your old related post to an article, it will give a good boost up as readers can see these links and visit these articles. This will improve your readership and increase more website traffic to your Blog or Site.

#17. Update Post frequently

The old articles should be updated after some time to make it look new. The contents of the article should be changed as per current trends, preference or factors.

Your article should not look old and outdated if someone reads it. It is always advisable to update the article as per the latest trends so that it looks new and fresh always.

It will ensure the interests of the visitors in the post and will bring good traffic to your Blog.

Now, I conclude this article here and again emphasize that we can surely improve our Google ranking fast and increase website traffic by adopting these 17 techniques which I discussed above. I wish you all the best for better SEO of your website and your website ranking on the first page of Google search.

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