5 Reasons preventing you to become successful

Did you know according to latest studies 40% of your daily activities are habitual and that’s why Benjamin Franklin famously once said most people die at 25 but they’re not buried until 75.
And I can’t tell you how true this is in today’s day and age as most people they are literally sleeping.  And when they awake at the end of their life it’s full of regrets and for this reason, it’s important that you pay close attention here.
I’m going to tell you the five habits you need to give up right now if you want to be more successful.
So make sure to pay close attention especially to the final fatal bad habit because that is the thing that you need to be unblocked from right now.
Crumbling under Pressure
Now let’s go on to the first bad habit you need to give up which is crumbling under pressure.  Here’s a big difference between winners and losers.  The moment they begin to feel the winds of life the moment they begin to fall down and crumble and feel that pressure. What do they begin to give up taping it to tell themselves oh you don’t know what I’m going through,  oh it’s hard.  Whilst the winners on the other side what do they tell themselves? They realize it’s real and it’s good, it’s part of the process. They realize the strongest trees don’t grow in the best or it grows in the strongest winds and they understand that they can control it.
You see the problem arises when we think we’re the only ones who feel pressure and then allow ourselves to get overwhelmed by it when in fact other people around you feel this pressure what dictates success is how you handle this. What peak performance and high performers have all got in common is they have got a neutral relationship to this energy and they’ve reframed it to give them more energy.  What do they tell themselves when they feel
nervous?  They tell themselves I feel excited and they jump onto a stage and they serve to go above and beyond.  And so it’s how you interpret this information that dictates your outcome.  So reframe this and realize that pressure is what creates diamonds.
Negative Self-image
let’s go into a second bathtub you need to give up which is negative self-image.  Your self-image may act like you are the strongest force.  In human psychology, it matters how you identify yourself.  And to change your performance, you must change your self-image and you must begin to get out of your comfort zone.  You must begin to ask yourself when you achieve your goals?
And if you begin to change your self-image to that future vision now that’s the moment you’re going to begin to act in accordance to your future self-identity. Because right now if you view yourself negatively as Zig Ziglar famous who’s once said, you cannot consistently perform in a manner which is inconsistent with the way you see yourself.  So you must change the way you’re viewing yourself.  To change the outcome and the result you’re currently getting that is the second bad habit
Playing to Lose?
let’s go on to the third bad habit which is playing to lose.  Let me ask you on a day-to-day basis are you playing not to lose or are you playing to win this is a big difference.   It sounds so simple but it’s a big difference between winners
and losers.   Losers are literally looking either around them thinking oh I’m just about scraping by what’s winners they are dominating.  Whilst winners they’re doing whatever it takes they are playing to win. This is a mindset shift that you need to have.  Instead of playing not to lose you got to play to win.
Never Committing
let’s go into a fourth bad habit which is never committing.  Rich people are committed to being rich, poor people simply think about being rich and this is why rich continues to get richer and the poor seem to get poor.  Poor people just read more books thinking one day this is going to happen but yet they never do anything about it.  Rich people whatever think they do it with speed of implementation.  The moment they learn something they immediately implement it while other people just think oh I’m just going to research more.  And they never take action.
So, whatever you want to do go and start doing it thinking in mind that your plans will never go 100% but fastest way for you to be successful is to get in the game and pivot along the way.
That’s how you make your dreams of reality and that leads perfectly on to the final point.
Dreaming Far too Small
This is the final bad habit which is dreaming far too small.  Do you know how you’re going to make your dreams a reality because your dream is too small?  If your aim is to shoot for the stars at least you’ll hit the moon right. Take some examples of big dreams.  Elon Musk wants to colonize Mars. Richard Branson wants to take people out to space on a holiday. Steve Jobs wanted to put a ding in the freaking universe.  The question is what is your goal right now. We’ve been conditioned to think realistic. We’ve been conditioned to follow goal setting systems.
Now the question is do you dare to really dream big?  Do you dare to dream big because when you set this audacious goal that is the thing that will keep you alive?  That is the thing that will from the heart,  you’ll feel that burning desire to make your reality.  This is how you never run out of motivation by setting a goal that’s aligned with your intuition that you’re born to do and then it becomes your mission to make your reality.  This is what visionaries entrepreneurs have got in common. They see things before it happens.  The question is what do you really want out of life and make it a must to make that of reality.  so dare to dream big.  These are the five habits that you need to give up right now if you want to be successful

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