10 Ways you can feel happy instantly if you are worried

Today I will be sharing with you ten activities that will help you feel happier instantly and that you can start doing right now.
As you know being happier will not only help you have better relationships, better communications and help you feel better about yourself but it will also help you be more productive and make better decisions.
So here are 10 activities that will help you feel happier now as simple as the sounds :
Make yourself Move
You can break the monotony of your current state of mind by doing simple as stretches on your desk or whatever you are extending up. Going for a walk exercising for 10 minutes or simply getting up and sitting down 10 times on your desk will release endorphins a hormone that produces
happiness that will make you feel instantly better. This will help you have happier thoughts and better brain activity. So next time you feel unhappy just get moving.
Spend Time with the things you enjoy
know when to stop you need and deserve time for yourself. It is important that you keep your job at school or business at rest and spend time doing things that you enjoy whether it is spending time with God, with family friends, meditating, reading a book or practicing your hobby and doing nothing this time is crucial for us to help us recharge your batteries and feel happier.
Take a short Nap
Take a short nap for 20 minutes as sleeping will help you control your mood and grab control of your emotions. you need to sleep eight hours at night but once in a while adding a power nap during the day will give you that boost of natural energy that will translate to happier feelings and thoughts.
Listening your favorite tunes
Playing your favourite tunes for 15 minutes or half an hour will give you happy mood instantly. You can also listen to a positive podcasts or audio books that will inspire and motivate you and make you  feel happy. You can also look for videos or podcasts that will make you laugh and stay away from news or negativity around and engage yourself with positive people that will easily make you feel like a million bucks.
Be grateful to God
Think about all the blesses you have and list them out with loud pray. Spend time with God and thank God for everything he has done for you. I guarantee you will quickly change your perspective on things no matter in what condition you’re in right now. There is always something to be grateful for even if we or someone we love is going through a tough moment right now. We can still thank God that he’s acting in our lives and helping us take in the control.
Always remember that there is someone in a worse condition than you are right now and appreciate everything that you have. Being grateful and praying to God will fill you not just with happiness but with hope as well.
Enjoy the Nature
Enjoy the beauty of this world. Go out for a walk or sit outside and enjoy nature and everything it has to teach you. Listen to the birds and smell the flowers, admire the beauty and colors. If you’re near the water, listen to the waves fill the air and the Sun and truly enjoy nature at its fullest. There is something powerful when you spend time in nature. It clears your mind  and truly makes you happy. This will also be a perfect time to meditate and relax your mind and your body.
Share with others
have compassion for others and share anything you can whether it is money, time or simply land an ear or shoulder for them adds up kindness that doesn’t just help the person you’re being compassionate with but also brings happiness to you.
when you smile you release endorphins that trick your brain into thinking that you are happy so immediately you will feel happier. By smiling you’re also tricking your body to think you’re happy by acting happy and you will end up feeling and acting happy. So make sure you share those pearly whites of yours more.
Hugging and Cuddling
Sometimes we underestimate the power of hugging and cuddling which not only show love and appreciation for the other person but immediately gives you the sense of protection, care and happiness. So hug and cuddle more with your immediate family members.
Visit Happy Place
Identify your happy place by closing your eyes and picturing your mind what your ideal happy place is, what are you seeing, what are you hearing, what are you smelling, what do you feel. Make a mental picture of that place so you can get there in the future whenever you feel sad, stressed out or tired. Go to your happy place. All you will need to do is close your eyes take a deep breath and go there. Every time you need to feel better your body will react to those positive feelings making you feel happier.
Remember that your mind will always take you wherever you want it to go you can also create a vision board with those images for those days that you are having difficulties to make it happen now.
Go out there and start applying this to your life and you will see a powerful increase of happiness in all areas of your life. Just by practicing some of these tricks feeling, acting and being happy will leave you to positive thoughts and attitudes that will open doors that will lead you to success. Now I would love to hear from you whether you have any tips that help you feel happy ?

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